Welcome to my new personal website/blog!

Hi all.

I am excited to launch my personal website and blog that will focus on issues of personal effectiveness and leadership development. My business site – Breakthrough Coach – will continue to address key areas of business success and peak performance.

20121211-230407.jpgWhat topics would you like to hear about?
Where do you “get stuck” most often in your life?
What are the main obstacles you face?
What key issues are you facing that you need help with?

Let me know your thoughts and suggestions, and let’s engage in meaningful conversation on our mutual journey of discovery and development.

I look forward to our chats!

To your ultimate success,

Eric Deschamps | Business Coach, Ottawa

Eric DeschampsBusiness Coach Ottawa

Founder/President of Breakthrough Coach

“Helping others succeed has always been my passion. There is no greater feeling in the world than coming alongside someone and empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams.” I work with individuals with a single and simple purpose: to help them define and attain their goals, one step at a time. Through the coaching relationship, I help business owners and professionals achieve more by delivering world-class growth strategies, tools and advice individually tailored to each owner and his/her business. 

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