About Coaching

So why become a Business Coach? Great question. The simple answer? Helping others succeed has always been my passion. There is no greater feeling in the world than coming alongside someone and empowering them to achieve their goals and dreams. I believe firmly that a day well-lived is a day spent investing in the growth and success of others.

Although I always find it awkward to write about myself, the purpose of this post is to give readers a snapshot into what led me to become a Licensed Professional Business Coach and to launch my own practice – Breakthrough Coach.

A day well-lived is a day spent investing in the growth and success of others.

Motivating people to rise above mediocrity and to live to their full potential has been my life message for as long as I can remember! For over 20 years, I have invested time, energy, and experience into helping others find and fulfil their life’s purpose. What a privilege!

Another passion of mine is business! It has been a part of my life in one way or another since childhood. My parents owned their own business, and my dad was a very sharp businessman. I have deep admiration for owners of small to medium-size businesses. Being an entrepreneur myself, I empathize with both the joys and the struggles that they face on a daily basis.

Most people go into business for themselves because they dream of greater freedom, higher revenues, more time with family, etc. But statistics and reality bear out a very different story. Most owners feel trapped in the business they created. They work longer hours and often earn less income than when they had a job. Many are hard-pressed to take time off for fear that the business may fall off the rails without them at the helm.

Although they are highly skilled in their area of expertise, they often lack training and experience in one or more of the basic business fundamentals required to run a successful enterprise. As a result, they feel stuck. They aren’t getting the traction they had hoped for. They need a breakthrough.

Business Coaching allows me to help business owners see through the fog of day-to-day demands. Gaining clarity about the “next step” is worth its weight in gold. With proven systems and strategies, I can coach an owner to be more personally effective and to run a more profitable and meaningful business. Behind that business is a dream. My goal is to help owners get there, wherever “there” happens to be.

I am grateful that my life’s journey has contributed over two decades of leadership experience that can greatly benefit the owners I serve. But no one has all the answers! That’s why I am proud to be aligned and licensed with the Professional Business Coaches Alliance with over 100 coaches in the US and Canada. They provide a vast arsenal of tools, strategies, and systems all designed to help owners perform at their best.

Let me put it this way. Every professional athlete understands the value of a coach to help him/her play at the top of their game. It’s no different in the world of business. For the client, business coaching is about peak performance, personal satisfaction, getting the right results, and dreams fulfilled. For me, it’s about the privilege of participating in that process in a meaningful way.

That’s why I love coaching… What a ride!

Eric Deschamps | Business Coach, Ottawa